All things medicare related.

As unfortunate as it sounds, your health is not guaranteed from day to day. This is never more evident than when you reach your seniors years and those aches and pains that didn’t exist before suddenly show up unannounced. Medicare Not a Hail Mary Pass While Medicare is vital for many seniors, it provides little.. More

This is Stan.  Stan is on medicare.  He’s been looking at health plans to see if there’s an affordable way to help pay some of the out of pocket expenses that medicare does not.  After doing his own research he discovers that there IS an affordable solution with some very reasonable copayments. It’s called a.. More

Every year advertisements begin to run on television starting in September concerning annual enrollment.  You might also see brochures in the mail and the cards from various insurance agencies.  Annual Enrollment occurs every year for medicare recipients between October 15th and December 7th.  What kind of insurance does this affect and what can you do.. More

What is medicare and who does it cover?  This simple question often times gets a variety of different answers.  It doesn’t matter if you’re approaching the age of 65 or if you’ve had medicare for 10 years, get to know medicare first and all else will make sense.  If you’re considering whether you should take.. More

Shopping for a medicare insurance plan can be a frustrating process if you go about it the wrong way.  From the beginning you’ll be tempted to listen to what your neighbor has to say.  You’ll get bombarded by insurance agents who all seem to have a different recommendation.  You’ll get shiny brochures in the mail.. More