“Term Life” is a buzzword that gets thrown around enough that it seems everyone but you knows what it is. But what is term life insurance?  Why does it always seem to cost so much less than all other lines of insurance?  According to Dave Ramsey, term life insurance is the only type of life.. More

Among all of the protections that financial advisers recommend, life insurance during retirement may be the most difficult to come to terms with.  Why? Because it’s an benefit that you’re guaranteed to never see. It’s a protection for your survivors alone. A selfless gesture to those you love and care about the most.  That’s a.. More

Who Needs Long Term Care Life Insurance?

Written by Carl Snyder

Long term life insurance might just be the perfect combination of coverages to tie all of your loose ends but how can you know for sure?  Policies such as these are becoming more and more popular now that insurance carriers have recognized the often overlapping needs of having both types of protection tied together.  It’s.. More

What New Parents Need To Know About Creating A Financial Plan It’s never too early or late in life to become fiscally responsible, but if you haven’t already instituted a solid financial plan, there’s never been a better time to do so than when you become a new parent. One of the first things you’re.. More

Once you’ve decided that a term policy is right for you choosing the term length may at first seem like an afterthought.  All term life insurance policies have two financial factors that define the policy.  The amount of insurance, or the face amount, is one.  The other is the term.  The term is simply the.. More

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Written by Carl Snyder

If you’re stuck on this question, don’t feel like you’re all alone.  Figuring the amount of insurance necessary is a common speed bump for many people.  Opinions vary on what method should be used to calculate the amount needed but one fact is not contested.  If you have people who depend on your income and.. More

Top 4 Reasons Your Employer Insurance Isn’t Enough

Written by Carl Snyder

When you’re choosing life insurance there some important factors to consider including whether to take the insurance offered by your employer or look into a policy on your own.  Like most benefits offered, if it’s free there isn’t much to think about.  By all means take your free coverage but don’t cross this important task.. More